While the body is a physical vessel of our experience, our mind is what largely determines the possibilities of what we can tap into during a ceremony. Whatever we call it—the mind, consciousness, or psyche—it defines our possibilities throughout life, and it will do the same during an Ayahuasca ceremony. Any concept or belief that we hold on to leads to the creation of thought patterns and behaviors that result in actions (or inactions). The mind is the ultimate filter of our reality, and its well-being nurtures a healthy spirit. Ayahuasca represents a guiding force that stands apart from any particular tradition or system of belief. It works to help us expand our boundaries and open our mind and senses to the unknown and unseen.

La mejor forma de hacer dieta es ingerir una cantidad variada y suficiente de alimentos saludables. Ponte como objetivo ingerir más fruta y verdura, más cereales integrales, y beber agua en vez de bebidas azucaradas, como los refrescos y las bebidas deportivas. Reduce de forma considerable las carnes de alto contenido en grasas (como las hamburguesas y las salchichas), los fritos, los dulces y otras comidas "basura".
Once the terms of the dieta are established, the curandero or student will then open the dieta, or have the dieta opened for them, as is the case with most students.  This is an ‘official’ announcement, made in an ayahuasca ceremony through the use of healing songs, called icaros, that the dieta has begun, or will begin the following day.  An announcement can also be made by speaking it outloud or in one’s mind to the physical plant in person, which would be done either the day of the ceremony or the following day, to help demonstrate the determination of the curandero or student and thus strengthen the connection to the plant.
A pesar de lo que muchos sienten, como bajar de peso no es un proceso misterioso. Es simplemente cuestión de quemar más calorías de las que se consumen. Sin embargo, si esto fuera tan simple, ninguno de nosotros se enfrentaría problemas de sobrepeso ¿o me equivoco?  Perder peso puede convertirse en un verdadero dolor de cabeza cuando pensamos que debemos hacer algo muy drástico para ver los resultados — dietas rápidas para perder peso, pastillas para adelgazar, remedios caseros o algunas de esas extrañas maquinas de ejercicios para quemar grasa que se ven en los comerciales prometiendo resultados instantáneos. La verdad acerca de como bajar de peso es la siguiente:

Come alimentos que supriman tu apetito. Comer una dieta equilibrada no solo te proporcionará una nutrición baja en calorías, sino que también te ayudará a suprimir el apetito, así que no comas en exceso y frustres tus planes para bajar de peso. Hay ciertos alimentos que te hacen sentir saciado por horas. Trata de incorporar los siguientes alimentos en tu dieta.
Each plant has a different energy, whether to heal, to teach, to reassure, or to help neutralize negative influences in the person. Teacher plants guide us to a beautiful dimension for learning more about ourselves, and can even teach various arts and skills that can be offered to others who are suffering, too. In our center, we work with many different plants that are useful in the recovery from physical, mental, and energetic afflictions, amongst others.

The third factor would be the particular personality of the plant spirit.  Some plant spirits are known to be very strict and unforgiving while others are more easy going and willing to let things slide a bit.  The consequences for the same breach in two different dietas with different plants might vary significantly due to the nature or personality of the plant spirit.  This factor is also involved when negotiating the terms of a dieta, and is usually indicative at that time of how consequences will most likely be handled, although within the tradition the personalities of particular plant spirits is often well known historically.  Extra caution is sometimes advised by a teacher or elder curandero when one of these plants is going to be dieted, accompanied by remarkable stories recounting previous experiences of severe punishments.

Safety Warning No exceda las dosis recomendadas. Mujeres embarazadas o que estén lactando, niños menores de 18 años, y personas con una condición médica conocida deben consultar a un médico antes de usar este o cualquier suplemento dietético. Mantener fuera del alcance de niños. No usar si le falta el sello de seguridad o está dañado. Almacenar a temperatura ambiente. — Please see label for manufacturer’s suggested usage and warnings. For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a doctor before use if you have a medical condition and before starting a diet or exercise program. Keep out of reach of children.