In the physical aspect, tobacco is a good medicine for people who are physically weak or chronically tired and helps resolve stress and migraines. In the mental and emotional aspect, tobacco makes one stronger and more decisive. It heals sorrow and releases and aligns blocked emotions. In the spiritual aspect, tobacco is also a protector for the healer as he works with others.
Many people outside of the cultural tradition of curanderismo have trouble understanding the concept of consequences, feeling that plant spirits are like enlightened beings, and therefore would never punish someone, but I think in the context of a contractual agreement, consequences might make more sense.  Even with the perception that plant spirits are loving and benevolent, and understanding of consequences is quite logical.  Parents teach the concept of consequences to their children to prepare them to be adults.  They teach their children about consequences because they love their children, and want to instill in them the ability to make appropriate decisions.  I think plant spirits are doing the same thing.  Of course, everyone is free to think whatever they like.  What I have presented is merely my interpretation of what I have been taught by my teachers and by what I have experienced myself by doing dietas.  It took a decade of study for me to reach this understanding, and I am sure I will continue to develop my perspective and ideas in the future.
Each plant works in its own way and has its own nature. Both ayahuasca and tobacco hold a special place in indigenous culture for their unique ability to heal on many levels. Issues on physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic levels where sometimes people find that perhaps ayahuasca wasn’t able to heal, tobacco may be able to reach deeper into, and visa versa. Many people, after having worked with both plants, develop a reverence for them both. They come to see the beauty and distinctions between each one. And by working with one, their relationship with the other plant is then deepened, much like the yin and the yang. It takes a strong will to work with this medicine, but the rewards can be tremendous if we commit to the process.
“Las dificultades para la pérdida de peso en este grupo de edad son similares a otras etapas, aunque se añaden otras trabas para la realización de ejercicio físico por limitación en la movilidad o por aparición de otras enfermedades añadidas (patologías respiratorias o cardiacas)”, dice De Luna, añadiendo que se debe hacer especial hincapié en prevenir la pérdida de masa muscular (sarcopenia), que está muy acelerada en periodos de encamamiento. Será imprescindible la movilización precoz y el ejercicio activo, así como asegurar un aporte proteico ajustado.
Jason or Valko will administer the plant that is being dieted to each guest for 7 nights of the 10 days of the dieta. The plant is taken is by drinking a tea-like drink made from macerated tobacco, or another plant or tree, or a combination of both. Taken this way, tobacco is an extremely powerful purgative and very effective in cleansing the intestines, the blood, and cleaning the body. The root of many illnesses is said to lie in the stomach, intestines, and in the blood, which is the main area that tobacco cleans on the physical level.
NOTE: Recently, since foreigners have begun drinking ayahuasca and a tourist industry has formed around ayahuasca ceremonies and treatments with curanderos, a new diet has emerged that most people refer to as the ayahuasca diet.  This diet was designed to keep people safe during the ceremonies.  Ayahuasca can have dangerous effects when mixed with certain substances, namely pharmaceutical medication and most specifically anti-depressant medication or SSRIs.  Other negative effects are possible when mixing ayahuasca with some foods as well, like dairy products, but this diet is different from the dieta described above.  While the ayahuasca diet can be used to demonstrate one’s determination and is a good idea, it should not be confused with the traditional dieta that forms such an integral part of the science of plant medicine in the Amazon Rainforest.
Consejo: Seleccione los cortes de carne que tienen menos grasa y quíteles toda la grasa que vea. Los cortes de carne con menos grasa incluyen la pechuga de pollo ("chicken breast"), el lomo de cerdo ("pork loin"), el bistec de carne ("beef round steak") y la carne molida de res extra magra ("extra lean ground beef"). También debe fijarse en el tamaño de las porciones. Trate de comer la carne o el pollo en porciones de 3 onzas (unos 8.5 gramos) o menos.

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