Traditional Uses: Chiric Sanango is a shrub that can reach up to 5 meters tall. In the culture of traditional Shipibo-Konibo medicine, Chiric Sanago is a plant that is taken to have a lot of physical strength and not feel cold during fishing activities and timber extraction. It is said that the man who takes Chiric Sanango is strong, sexually powerful, can carry heavy objects, can easily resist the inclemency of the weather, and combats laziness. Chiric Sanango also fights rheumatism, arthritis, Leishmaniasis, and prevents the flu.
–The psychological or spiritual condition, or the mind, helps to set the potential of the Aya medicine in motion. Even though we talk of body and mind as two parts, all parts make up the whole. Thus, they are mutually dependent and correlate in many ways. The below guidelines may help to empower and deepen the practice with this sacred Aya medicine. It is important, and equally effective, to read and consider them closely both before and after the ceremonies.
The Shipibo also believe that its bark is effective to cure issues caused by the cold as it gives corporal heat. Traditional Amazonian medicine often relates many physical diseases to too much cold or too much heat in the body. With people coming to the Amazon from cold climates, they recognize that many westerners suffer with excess cold within their system.

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Las dos comidas del día que suelen ser más complicadas son los desayunos y las cenas. Los primeros porque solemos tener poco tiempo y la industria alimentaria ha creado muchísimos productos muy rápidos de consumir, sabrosos pero de una calidad nutricional muy baja. A lo largo de toda nuestra vida, la publicidad de esta industria nos ha dicho cómo tenemos que desayunar y tenemos que desaprender muchos años de información errónea. Por eso te hemos preparado un artículo con muchos desayunos para una dieta de adelgazamiento.

We are an indigenous Shipibo family with a wealth of knowledge about natural medicine and shamanism acquired through oral transmission from our ancestors. We desire to share the knowledge that was given to us so that all people have the opportunity to live in a different way. Our medicine helps dissolve selfishness and promotes reconnection with nature, and helps in the conservation and preservation of the environment and traditional knowledge.
Once the terms of the dieta are established, the curandero or student will then open the dieta, or have the dieta opened for them, as is the case with most students.  This is an ‘official’ announcement, made in an ayahuasca ceremony through the use of healing songs, called icaros, that the dieta has begun, or will begin the following day.  An announcement can also be made by speaking it outloud or in one’s mind to the physical plant in person, which would be done either the day of the ceremony or the following day, to help demonstrate the determination of the curandero or student and thus strengthen the connection to the plant.
[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]No se han presentado ningún efecto secundario grave con las pastillas naturales. Cualquiera que siga un tratamiento médico específico o que sufren de cualquier complicación de salud debe consultar a un médico antes de iniciar el tratamiento con base, no está indicado para mujeres embarazadas, mujeres lactantes o jóvenes menores de 18 años que todavía están en la fase de crecimiento.[/box]
NOTE: Recently, since foreigners have begun drinking ayahuasca and a tourist industry has formed around ayahuasca ceremonies and treatments with curanderos, a new diet has emerged that most people refer to as the ayahuasca diet.  This diet was designed to keep people safe during the ceremonies.  Ayahuasca can have dangerous effects when mixed with certain substances, namely pharmaceutical medication and most specifically anti-depressant medication or SSRIs.  Other negative effects are possible when mixing ayahuasca with some foods as well, like dairy products, but this diet is different from the dieta described above.  While the ayahuasca diet can be used to demonstrate one’s determination and is a good idea, it should not be confused with the traditional dieta that forms such an integral part of the science of plant medicine in the Amazon Rainforest.

Traditional Uses: Tamamuri is a large canopy tree of the Amazon rainforest that grows 15 to 25 m high. It produces a white to light pink latex when the smooth trunk bark is wounded or the leaf stems are broken from the branches. Tamamuri is found throughout the lower elevations of the Amazon basin, usually growing alongside streams and rivers where its fruits (similar to a fig but with one large seed inside) are eaten by fish when it falls from the tree.
This is why dietas are a lot of work and not necessarily “fun”. Healing can be smooth or messy (usually both); this simply reflects the reality of what is being addressed. In a medicine circle, all that is authentic is redeemed and ultimately appreciated. The benefits in engaging this process include a purified, strengthened, and renewed spiritual self. From spirit comes the deepest source of well-being, a self-confidence arising from engagement with the real and the truthful. This is felt as a bliss beyond the usual pleasure-button pushing/pain avoidance strategies of hedonism, and certainly well beyond the Puritan denial of the body’s urge towards physical pleasure. It is a spiritual law that one gets what one pays for. The harder the work, the sweeter the ecstasy. The universe rewards courage (and punishes stupidity). The plants teach the evolution Game, and how to play it successfully. It is a wisdom of transfomation, a gift to humanity, and it is here for the asking.
Cuando se está durante un proceso de pérdida de peso es posible que el médico o el nutricionista indique, además de la alimentación saludable y de la practica de actividad física, la ingesta de algún medicamento o remedio natural que ayude a acelerar el metabolismo, quemar la grasa acumulada, inhibir la absorción de grasa en el intestino, disminuir el apetito, controlar la ansiedad o para combatir la retención de líquidos en el organismo.