Traditional Uses: Renaquilla is a large plant sometimes mistaken as a tree. It has diverse medicinal properties but perhaps the most well known is its ability to heal obstacles in relationships. In physical form, renaquilla grows by wrapping itself around a host tree over many years, eventually becoming one with its host. Its energetic medicine takes a similar approach helping to hold together, bind, unite, and strengthen issues that have become ‘broken’. It helps to regenerate bones when there are open fractures and its resin has healing properties when applied to wounds.
El azúcar estimula la producción de insulina y aumenta el apetito por los alimentos calóricos como el chocolate, galletas y dulces. También alienta la acumulación de grasa y hace que el hígado trabaje más duro interrumpiendo el proceso digestivo. Si tienes un golpe de azúcar, no tienes que atascarte en el pastel: opta por carbohidratos de bajo IG en vez, como una rebanada de pan integral, galletas de arroz o galletas de avena.
It is only by creating an indirect dependence on the land (e.g. modern city life) that nature is easily perceived as “less than” the humans that manipulate it. The world split into the religious and secular is a world judged to have constituents of moral and ethical value (religious) and those of dross (secular), the pure and the impure, the worthy and the worthless. This world view projected onto plants also sees them as having constituents of value (active) and those of dross (inactive). For purposes of utility this can be a useful distinction. But when utilitarianism is raised to a guiding social ethic, an approach to all of the natural world, it cuts off spiritual relations with it.

Soy blogger en YouTube y muestro mi imagen en el canal MIMUNDOYYOVLOGS. Al ser también profesional de la salud sé que tengo que cuidarme tanto por dentro como por fuera y como no sabía cómo llevar mi alimentación me puse en contacto con el grupo Alimmenta a través del gym que hay en Parc Vallès en Terrassa y allí me atendió Carme que lo primero que hizo fue no ponerme a dieta sino enseñarme a comer bien, de manera equilibrada y comer de todo, sin dejar de comer ningún alimento.

With all this said, it should be obvious that individual healing is ultimately inseparable from planetary healing. The plants teach awareness, and one is commonly faced with heightened realizations of the enormity of the planetary crisis, along with the obviousness and urgency of the solutions. These understandings demand action. Mucho trabajo! How one accommodates these revelations and integrates them into one’s life is never easy. However, it is integral to healing, to growth into a life of authenticity, of truthfulness.
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