Cómo bajar de peso se ha convertido el algo que siempre tienes pendiente en tu mente. De seguro ya has intentado hacer dieta, has logrado bajar algunos kilos pero luego los has subido como espuma. Y aunque lo más seguro es que te hayas desanimado, la buena noticia es que si estás leyendo esto, es porque has reunido el valor necesario para recuperar tu cuerpo y tu salud, y eso para nosotros es ¡el primer paso!, y si se quiere uno de los más importantes: buscar una solución a tu problema de sobrepeso.
The first factor would certainly be the form of the breach in contract.  Sex or sexual stimulation is considered the worst breach of a dieta and would thus result in the most severe consequences.  The degree of disrespect to the terms would play a factor in the consequences, especially regarding other breaches, like naked fondling compared to kissing, or eating a hot fudge sundae compared to putting salt on a grilled fish, or screaming at someone in anger compared to getting frustrated with the lack of connection felt, or fantasizing about sex compared to reminiscing about the sweetness of mangoes.  The consequence is proportionate to the act.
En nutrición no somos todos iguales, ni tenemos el mismo metabolismo, ni la misma edad, gustos, actividad diaria… Por tanto, no es posible que una misma dieta sirva para todo el mundo y consiga los mismos efectos en cada una de las personas que la siguen. Lo mismo ocurre con las recetas, no todas son para todo el mundo. Te proponemos tantas recetas para adelgazar que no sabrás cuál elegir.

It is said that the dietas are prescribed by the plants themselves, each a little different, depending on the character (species) of the plant. To understand plants as capable of communicating the conditions by which we can best relate to them is a . . . leap . . for many of us. However, in order to grasp the rationales of the dietas and the entire therapeutic process in which they are involved, it is important to cultivate a view of the natural world as highly aware, intelligent, infinitely helpful (if approached with respect) and ultimately ~~ Enchanted.
2. They allow one to more easily deal with the strong emetic, cathartic, and visionary effects commonly associated with the plantas maestras. The resulting changes need to be carefully protected, as rearrangements in body biochemistries and identity patterns leave the patient or initiate for a time sensitive and vulnerable. In this way dietas can be typified as preparation and recovery technologies that attend this sort of phyto-spiritual “surgery”.
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