Los nutricionistas avisan que este 80/20 no es más que una política "de mínimos". Esto es: si quieres comer un 100 por cien de ensaladas, verduras y frutas dejando de lado en tu  dieta todo lo demás la dieta será evidentemente más efectiva pero muchos son conscientes de que los seres humanos tenemos en general poca fuerza de voluntad para superar retos relacionados con la alimentación.
The best dieta for the day of the ceremony begins with a simple vegetarian breakfast, followed by a light vegetarian lunch. For some individual cases, a vegan diet or even fasting may be recommended. Avoid spicy foods like chili, as well as anything with caffeine (coffee, tea, soda). You should also avoid eggs, dairy, and heavy sweets. Drink water or herbal tea. We recommend that you do not eat after 3:00pm, or at least five hours prior to the session. You can drink, but only water or herbal tea. Some fruits are okay to have at the end of the ceremony if there is no nausea or dizziness. For persons having an unstable, problematic digestion, it is recommended that you exclude a few foods from your diet at least a week before the Aya ceremony. This includes avoiding all dairy, such as cheeses and products made from cream; you can, however, have yogurt and kefir). You should not eat white bread, products that are high in gluten or butter, and sugary carbohydrates like cakes and cookies. If you are not sure what to eat or about your digestion, the universal recommendation for diet prior to the Aya ceremony is to eat raw fruits and/or vegetables and drink juices and water. This gives the body a very light feeling and can help to decrease the heaviness of purging during the ceremony.
Payments are only refundable provided we have a minimum of 8 weeks notice prior to the start of the dieta. Any refunds given will occur a USD 100.- administration fee. You may change your dieta reservation to another date at no cost or transfer your payment(s) to another participant, provided said participant has been approved to attend the dieta and that it is a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the start of the dieta.
The process can be a difficult undertaking. We are tested physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It tests our resolve. It brings up our resistance, fears, and worries, and through this, we open to our true nature and a deep-seated wisdom that lies in each of us. The diet is a time of profound reflection and a chance to experientially learn from the world of plants.

Además de mejorar su salud, no recuperar el peso perdido probablemente mejorará su vida de diferentes maneras. Por ejemplo, un estudio que incluyó a los participantes del Registro Nacional de Control del Peso reveló que quienes perdieron una cantidad significativa de peso y no lo recuperaron, reportaron mejoras no solo en cuanto a su salud física, pero también en su nivel de energía, movilidad física, estado de ánimo general y autoestima.

Since 2009, the Temple has been blessed with the presence and expertise of one of the most recognized and powerful lineages of Shipibo healers from Pucallpa. For generations, the family of Ynez Sanchez –with her son, Jose, and daughters, Laura and Lila– has been carrying and practicing the medicine and wisdom of their ancestors. Through their connection with the plants, their songs, and dedicated care, they have been instrumental in the healing and transformational experiences of hundreds of our guests.
La mejor forma de hacer dieta es ingerir una cantidad variada y suficiente de alimentos saludables. Ponte como objetivo ingerir más fruta y verdura, más cereales integrales, y beber agua en vez de bebidas azucaradas, como los refrescos y las bebidas deportivas. Reduce de forma considerable las carnes de alto contenido en grasas (como las hamburguesas y las salchichas), los fritos, los dulces y otras comidas "basura".
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