To this end, it helps to explore what we might call “indigenous consciousness.” When a person or people actively recognize the nourishment exchange between themselves and the land, and connect the quality of their lives to the health and fertility of their environment, then ecological relations become an intimate experience. Such an awareness is available to anyone who walks the ways of the earth.
While the outward expression of the dieta is often talked about in terms of food restrictions and sexual abstinence, the dieta goes much deeper than the physical aspects.  Thoughts have a very important role in the dieta.  When the dieta is considered as a demonstration of determination, it is easy to see how the physical act of abstinence and eating is just touching the surface.  Being unhappy or complaining about the dieta, fantasizing about sex or favorite foods like hot fudge sundaes is also a demonstration of determination, or the lack thereof.  Preventing oneself from getting angry, from doubting or losing faith in the process, or thinking negatively about the dieta are also important restrictions.  The dieta does not just take place at the dinner table.  It happens 24 hours a day, even during sleep.
Master plant dietas will be given to dieteros on a case by case basis. Maestra Ynes and Maestro Jose will hold an initial ayahuasca ceremony with all guests at the start of the 2 weeks to diagnose which specific plant will suit each individual dietero. Some of the master plants they work with are listed below. After the first ayahuasca ceremony, the plant(s) will be administered to the dietero throughout the 2 week period along with 4 additional ayahuasca ceremonies.

Pero al usar este metodo natural pude ver como bajaba de peso. No es que me encerre en un gimnasio todo el dia o segui una dieta rigurosa para adelgazar es mas comia lo que me gustaba pero en distintas proporciones y en diferentes horas del dia según me djo el autor del metodo mi metabolismo es algo lento y por ello me costaba mas bajar de peso, pero al pasar 4 semanas ya habia perdido 9 kilos de peso no sera mucho pero es algo que me animo a compartir mi experiencia.

In indigenous culture, tobacco holds a unique place among plants. It was the crop most widely cultivated, used, and traded throughout the Americas. Tobacco has been found in antiquity from the southern tip of South America all the way to the Northern territories of North America, and everywhere in between. For the indigenous peoples of the Americas, tobacco was considered a sacred plant, and for many, it was the most sacred. Many creation myths center around the tobacco plant.

Safety Warning No exceda las dosis recomendadas. Mujeres embarazadas o que estén lactando, niños menores de 18 años, y personas con una condición médica conocida deben consultar a un médico antes de usar este o cualquier suplemento dietético. Mantener fuera del alcance de niños. No usar si le falta el sello de seguridad o está dañado. Almacenar a temperatura ambiente. — Please see label for manufacturer’s suggested usage and warnings. For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a doctor before use if you have a medical condition and before starting a diet or exercise program. Keep out of reach of children.