Por ejemplo: piensa en lo bueno que un vaso helado de agua fría te hace sentir en un día muy caluroso cuando no has bebido nada durante horas. de repente, la sensación se asocia con un placer emocional intenso, que desaparece poco a poco. Eso se llama habituación y que conduce a una disminución de la respuesta de la dopamina que hace que el beber este vaso helado de agua que imaginaste, sea menos placentero.
We are very excited and grateful to be working in collaboration with the Temple of the Way of Light in offering traditional Shipibo diets in our Family Center. For centuries, traditional medicines and shamanic practices have been the only system for the protection and maintenance of our health in the Amazon Rainforest. For many generations, traditional healers and medicinal plants have played a fundamental role in the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our people. For us, it is evident that plants possess diverse and complex bioenergetic properties whose active principles constitute an excellent means of treatment for a range of conditions and diseases.

However, when used in Amazonian herbalist traditions that deal with the more powerful and often reality-altering and visionary varieties of plants known as plantas maestras or teacher-plants, the word comes to mean much more than that. It then describes dietary and behavioral regimens that allow one to move most safely and effectively into working relationships with such plants. These relationships can bring about profound transformations, and the dietas are designed to best facilitate them.

Descansa lo suficiente. El descanso adecuado te ayudará a mantener la energía suficiente durante todo el día, haciendo que estés menos propenso a comer en exceso y a lesionarte durante la actividad física. En realidad, la deficiencia de sueño se ha relacionado con la incapacidad de perder grasa, por lo que dormir lo suficiente puede ayudarte realmente en la trayectoria hacia la pérdida de peso.[5]
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