Traditional Uses: Renaquilla is a large plant sometimes mistaken as a tree. It has diverse medicinal properties but perhaps the most well known is its ability to heal obstacles in relationships. In physical form, renaquilla grows by wrapping itself around a host tree over many years, eventually becoming one with its host. Its energetic medicine takes a similar approach helping to hold together, bind, unite, and strengthen issues that have become ‘broken’. It helps to regenerate bones when there are open fractures and its resin has healing properties when applied to wounds.
In the spiritual aspect, Chiric Sanango has extensive knowledge about the preparation of vegetal remedies. In ayahuasca ceremonies he performs deep healing of complicated physical and emotional illnesses. Chiric Sanango is a shaman with a lot of power who demands respect. The magical world of this plant is a supernatural realm of large and luxurious hospitals, where he is the doctor, director, and chief. In visions, he also shows one his huge pharmacies.
The Shipibo love to diet this plant because of its powerful teachings, specifically supporting the resolution of relationship issues between partners and family members, bringing unity and connection through its medicine. Renaquilla is also known to assist with conditions relating to the circulatory system, the reproductive system, hernias, bruises, prolapses, dislocations, and is prescribed for women as a strengthener.

However. The wisdoms of human partnership with the tribes of Nature may have been colonized, missionized, industrialized, and consumerized into the earth, and may have been bulldozed and burned at the stake and poisoned and buried under concrete. But to the earth they have gone, and from the earth they will arise. And they are arising now, like sprouts through the cracks in the road of progress. Through many people, and the numbers are growing as world problems brought on by selfish, disassociative cultural scripts become more critical and the changes necessary for their solution more obvious.
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Identifica los desencadenantes de hambre y planifícate según ellos. Los desencadenantes de hambre son las actividades que hacemos que nos hacen querer comer bocadillos. Para algunas personas, el desencadenante es sentarse a ver una película por la noche; para otras, es estudiar hasta muy tarde. Si conoces tus desencadenantes de hambre, puedes planificarte según ellos. Llena tu casa con bocadillos saludables o tenlos a la mano.

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