The first factor would certainly be the form of the breach in contract.  Sex or sexual stimulation is considered the worst breach of a dieta and would thus result in the most severe consequences.  The degree of disrespect to the terms would play a factor in the consequences, especially regarding other breaches, like naked fondling compared to kissing, or eating a hot fudge sundae compared to putting salt on a grilled fish, or screaming at someone in anger compared to getting frustrated with the lack of connection felt, or fantasizing about sex compared to reminiscing about the sweetness of mangoes.  The consequence is proportionate to the act.

Las normas para regular la producción y comercialización de estos dos tipos de tratamientos son diferentes. En el caso de un medicamento de venta sin receta, como el orlistat (Alli), la compañía farmacéutica debe proporcionar los resultados del ensayo clínico en humanos a la agencia del medicamento que demuestre la seguridad y eficacia del medicamento en la dosis sin receta.
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