Through an Ayahuasca experience, we can break the limitations imposed on us by society, and narrow in on the center of what is the truth. At the same time, however, the potential of an Aya experience is constrained by the mindset one brings to the ceremony. Ayahuasca is a “guide” showing us the possibilities, but ultimately we are the ones that help those possibilities manifest. This is why an Ayahuasca ceremony is most beneficial when approached with a humble heart, clear intentions, and an open mind. Having a clear intention for experiencing Ayahuasca is important if you wish to gain the depth and transformational power it can have. Prior to the ceremony, it is helpful to consider your intentions closely. Take some time to sit quietly and ask yourself some questions:
Las que más te convienen son las que te aportan el pescado y el marisco. Ambos son ricos en proteínas, grasas omega 3, minerales, vitaminas... y resultan ligeros. En cuanto a la carne, ten en cuenta que además de proteínas aporta grasas saturadas, colesterol y muchas calorías. Por tanto, debes tomarla con moderación (y preferiblemente blanca) y combinarla siempre de una buena ración de vegetales.
This is the paradox of healing revealed by the plants. Only by facing fear is one released from its stranglehold. Only by dying is one freed from the fear of dying, and only then can one be fully alive. It may mean a head-on collision with oneself, but out of the wreckage will appear the glimmers of the soul glyph, designs of one’s original incarnational purposes.

Se trata de una dieta muy variada en la que se prima la ingesta de frutas, verduras y lácteos bajos en grasa. También se consumen cereales integrales, carne, pescado y legumbres, pero de forma más restringida. Las grasas saturadas, los azúcares refinados y los carbohidratos están prácticamente prohibidos. La dieta va acompañada de un plan de actividades de ejercicio físico y reduce a la mínima expresión el consumo de alcohol. Dado que es una dieta especialmente recomendable para tratar la hipertensión, la sal está limitada al punto justo en que nuestros guisos empiezan a saber a algo.
Marosa is prepared fresh in macerated baths, to be taken at night before going to bed. The diet and the number of baths depends of the teacher’s indication. During the dieta, the spirit of the plant presents itself and asks the purpose or the intentions that one has for working with “his” plant. As you progress, one is shown it’s magical world in dreams, it’s power, it’s medicine, and the art of healing. The Marosa plant is also known to give the power of premonition through dreams.
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