Each plant has a different energy, whether to heal, to teach, to reassure, or to help neutralize negative influences in the person. Teacher plants guide us to a beautiful dimension for learning more about ourselves, and can even teach various arts and skills that can be offered to others who are suffering, too. In our center, we work with many different plants that are useful in the recovery from physical, mental, and energetic afflictions, amongst others.

Master plant dietas will be given to dieteros on a case by case basis. Maestra Ynes and Maestro Jose will hold an initial ayahuasca ceremony with all guests at the start of the 2 weeks to diagnose which specific plant will suit each individual dietero. Some of the master plants they work with are listed below. After the first ayahuasca ceremony, the plant(s) will be administered to the dietero throughout the 2 week period along with 4 additional ayahuasca ceremonies.

The first factor would certainly be the form of the breach in contract.  Sex or sexual stimulation is considered the worst breach of a dieta and would thus result in the most severe consequences.  The degree of disrespect to the terms would play a factor in the consequences, especially regarding other breaches, like naked fondling compared to kissing, or eating a hot fudge sundae compared to putting salt on a grilled fish, or screaming at someone in anger compared to getting frustrated with the lack of connection felt, or fantasizing about sex compared to reminiscing about the sweetness of mangoes.  The consequence is proportionate to the act.
La dieta mediterránea no es ni baja en grasas ni la dieta de moda sino una dieta antioxidante, antiinflamatoria y antibacteriana. En la dieta mediterránea, abundan las legumbres, los frutos secos, las verduras y las frutas no exprimidas y los lácteos no tienen un papel relevante. Tampoco "el cacao, la cerveza, las patatas fritas, ni la miel, ni la soja ni la quinoa ni la bollería industrial, ni los refrescos, ni los snacks ni el azúcar" según asegura el doctor Martínez.
Todos los productos para la pérdida de peso de foodspring están fabricados exclusivamente en Alemania y están sujetos a los requisitos de calidad más elevados según las normas HACCP e ISO. El desarrollo de cada uno de los productos está basado en los descubrimientos científicos más recientes en materia de nutrición y estudios recientes sobre dietética.

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