Bobinsana is considered a master plant and is often added to ayahuasca recipes to help shamen connect and learn from plants on a spiritual level. Bobinsana is a powerful plant, and an ally who helps us develop empathy, compassion, clarity, and concentration. It is said that this plant roots a person more deeply in the natural kingdom, and provides mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.
When a dietero arrives at the Temple, they are given a diagnosis to see what plant would be best for them to diet at that time. Some plants are good for healing, some are good for strengthening, others for cleaning, and all teach their wisdom. Tobacco is often the first plant that is dieted as it is very good plant teacher and cleanser, and after that, specific plants are often dieted to learn from them. Not all dieteros will be given tobacco, but it is best to come with a desire to work with tobacco as it is often the first plant dieted in this course of treatment. In subsequent dietas in this tradition, other plants or trees are usually combined with tobacco as well. These dietas are focused on the plant being dieted and no ayahuasca ceremonies will take place.
Algunos remedios naturales como el té verde, el chitosán y las bayas de goji son excelentes para favorecer la pérdida de peso. También existen medicamentos de farmacia como el Saxenda y el Orlistat, siendo importante que el medicamento sea indicado por un médico, ya que el tipo de medicamento y la dosis dependerán de las necesidades individuales de la persona.