Since our inception over ten years ago, the Temple of the Way of Light has catalyzed a journey of profound healing and self-discovery for many thousands of people, by working closely with ayahuasca. As part of the overall evolution of the Temple, we are now excited to offer the opportunity to take this journey even deeper, through taking part in traditional tobacco and medicinal plant & tree dietas.
Ayahuasca helps to bring us in closer contact with the spirits of nature, and helps to harmonize with them. A traditional plant dieta process is the method that we use in order to meet the spirits of the plant. Through periods of communion with a particular plant spirit, we experience firsthand their medicine and receive their direct teachings. We also establish a respectful alliance to ensure their cooperation and help during our healing practices.

Mi objetivo es que cuando estás en esta dinámica, seas capaz de pasar del círculo vicioso al círculo virtuoso. Gracias a la dieta, conseguirás empezar a adelgazar, adquirirás hábitos más saludables, te sentirás mejor y podrás empezar a moverte más o incluso ir al gimnasio, eso te hará perder peso más fácilmente. Finalmente conseguirás haber adoptado una dinámica positiva en tu vida que te conducirá más fácilmente hacia  tu objetivo.
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Traditional Uses: Tobacco is a magical and powerful plant. From tobacco, chopped “mapacho” is made to be smoked in pipes or wrapped in paper. Mapacho is the main tool of the shaman, who uses it during ayahuasca ceremonies to clear and protect the ceremonial space and to enhance the strength of his healing work. After ikaros are sung, the patient is blown with mapacho in order to infuse and seal his astral body with the effects of the healing.

Please note: Owing to the complex legal status of ayahuasca in many places, comments geared towards finding ayahuasca or ayahuasca ceremonies cannot be accepted. Comments with commercial intent are also not accepted. While you may feel compelled to, please refrain from giving medical advice, especially in regard to a physician prescribed pharmaceutical regime. One may offer proven scientific studies and contra-indications regarding specific medication/foods, but must not advise the cessation of prescribed medication.

Beyond the relationships formed with plant spirits thanks to dietas, I think life as a whole can be understood in terms of relationships.  In fact, life could actually be defined by relationships.  Our relationship to the food we eat, to the environment in which we live, to our coworkers, employers and employees, clients, and job, to our friends and family, our community, and society, to substances like alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, or activities like singing, dancing, and making love, all of these relationships and many more define our lives.  It is the nature of the energy within these relationships, and the quantity of love we give and receive through these relationships, that most influences our health.  The dieta is a further extension of these life defining relationships into dimensions or energy frequencies often imperceptible in our normal reality, and it is these relationships with spirits that make it possible for curanderos to facilitate powerful transformations for others.  We are all aware of how much we get by with a little help from our friends, but perhaps no one knows this as well as curanderos.
“Lo que hicimos fue mezclar ejercicio de baja intensidad y más tiempo de duración con ejercicios de alta intensidad y menos tiempo. Esto en una proporción de 80% y 20% del tiempo. En 12 semanas, de las 64 mujeres obesas que participaron en el estudio, aquellas que tuvieron ejercicio polarizado perdieron 4 kilos de peso, mientras que el grupo que realizó ejercicio a baja intensidad bajó dos kilos y el de intervalos, solo 500 gramos. De esta pérdida, las del primer grupo perdieron tres kilos de grasa, mientras que el segundo eliminó 1,5 de grasa y el último solo uno.
So what are the consequences?  Within the tradition, and depending on the factors just mentioned, the consequences range from lessening a connection to the plant spirit all the way to becoming seriously ill or dying.  The most common consequence would likely be blocking the dieter from having visions during ceremonies, although nearly every curandero has stories about incredibly severe consequences like losing the ability to walk or talk, or having bad things happen continuously until the breach is rectified.  Consequences tend to be permanent unless the situation is resolved.  Traditionally, this is done by redoing the diet, but for twice as long as the original.
An individual undergoing a dieta retreats into isolation for a period of time (from days to months or even years) during which s/he is fed a ritually prepared and symbolically significant diet of foods such as plantain, manioc (cassava), and certain fish and jungle animals. In modern times this list often includes rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and chicken. Sugar, salt, chilies, certain meats (especially pork), acidic fruits, fermented foods, alcohol, and stimulants are avoided, as well as excessive exposure to sun, rain, fire, and unpleasant smells. Social interactions that involve ill individuals, sexual activity, and speaking of outside concerns, are likewise eschewed. In this way the dietas loosen the hold of human cultural traits – the understanding being that by doing so humans are more open to guidance and power from the natural world. In addition, its ritualized structure values and inspires self-discipline. Such traits are shared with vision quests, and the dietas can be approached in this way.
It is our intention to promote the revival and revaluation of our ancestral knowledge regarding the use of medicinal plants. We believe this to be important for the development of intercultural health. We have achieved this through our work with the Temple of the Way of Light, and are now pleased to extend our work and offer dietas at our family center, Niwe Rao Xobo, in Pucallpa, Peru.

Please click to apply below and fill in the necessary information on the following pages in order to complete your application. Once your medical information has been reviewed by our team, we will be in touch with you to confirm your approval to attend. Please do not book flights or make any travel arrangements until your registration and medical information has been reviewed and you have been approved to attend. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The third factor would be the particular personality of the plant spirit.  Some plant spirits are known to be very strict and unforgiving while others are more easy going and willing to let things slide a bit.  The consequences for the same breach in two different dietas with different plants might vary significantly due to the nature or personality of the plant spirit.  This factor is also involved when negotiating the terms of a dieta, and is usually indicative at that time of how consequences will most likely be handled, although within the tradition the personalities of particular plant spirits is often well known historically.  Extra caution is sometimes advised by a teacher or elder curandero when one of these plants is going to be dieted, accompanied by remarkable stories recounting previous experiences of severe punishments.
Es de vital importancia, leer las etiquetas y conocer el contenido, se aconseja que sean de extractos naturales, como fenogreco, alcachofa, té verde, naranja, etc. Pero hay otros fármacos que se han recomendado bajo prescripción médica. Además de asegurarse que sea un producto certificado y aprobado por la FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Aquí estan las mejores pastillas para bajar de peso:

In the physical aspect, tobacco is a good medicine for people who are physically weak or chronically tired and helps resolve stress and migraines. In the mental and emotional aspect, tobacco makes one stronger and more decisive. It heals sorrow and releases and aligns blocked emotions. In the spiritual aspect, tobacco is also a protector for the healer as he works with others.

No te saltes las comidas. Un desayuno saludable aumenta tu tasa metabólica en reposo al empezar el día, mantiene elevados tus niveles de energía y puede ayudarte durante todo el día a resistir las ganas de comer bocadillos con muchas calorías. Planea comer un bocadillo o una comida pequeña cada 2 o 4 horas para mantener activo el metabolismo. Comer con regularidad también mantiene estable el nivel de azúcar en sangre y reduce tu impulso de ingerir calorías en exceso o de desviarte de tu plan de comidas.

Plants truly are our food, our life, our medicine, and they are alive and here to help us learn from them. They can open us to a world that we perhaps never could have imagined: the world of who we are. When we approach them with respect, honor, humility, and a genuine desire to learn, they can open the doors of life and heal us on all levels. Jason is deeply grateful to all of his teachers, everyone that has helped him in this journey to where he is, and to wherever it may lead.
In our space, people afflicted with diverse physical and mental health problems are offered the opportunity to deepen their healing and learning journeys. We present an opportunity for people to rediscover themselves and their human universal birthright to the full enjoyment of peace, tranquility, and happiness in life. We offer this through dieting powerful plant teachers in the traditional Shipibo tradition, following the teachings of the Shipibo spiritual masters and ancestors who have walked this path for thousands of years. We will also be working with different rituals of energetic and spiritual cleansing such as flower baths and massages.
El término de este régimen se refiere a aquellas personas que basan su alimentación en una dieta vegetariana pero que de manera ocasional, y que por las razones que sea, consumen algunos productos de origen animal como mariscos, pescados o aves. Algunos pensarán que entonces todo el mundo entra dentro de este concepto, pero no es así. Su alimentación esta basada en una dieta verde y el consumo de origen animal es ocasional o excepcional.Lo que lo define es la frecuencia en este tipo de ingesta de alimentos.

Plants truly are our food, our life, our medicine, and they are alive and here to help us learn from them. They can open us to a world that we perhaps never could have imagined: the world of who we are. When we approach them with respect, honor, humility, and a genuine desire to learn, they can open the doors of life and heal us on all levels. Jason is deeply grateful to all of his teachers, everyone that has helped him in this journey to where he is, and to wherever it may lead.
Quiero contarles mi experiencia. Hace varios años que tenía problemas de sobrepeso y por intermedio de un compañero de trabajo conocí este metodo. Honestamente, produjo un importante cambio en mi manera de vivir, porque aprendí a que no se trata de dietas mágicas sino de aprender a comer sano y a cuidar la salud de manera integral. No solo es verse bien físicamente sino sentirse bien en todos los sentidos.
Es posible que las personas que comen granos enteros como parte de una dieta saludable reduzcan sus posibilidades de desarrollar algunas enfermedades crónicas. Las pautas dietéticas del gobierno sugieren que la mitad de los granos que usted consuma sean integrales. Por ejemplo, seleccione el pan que tenga el 100 por ciento de harina de trigo integral en lugar del pan blanco, y arroz moreno en lugar de arroz blanco. En la sección de Información adicional al final de esta hoja se ofrecen vínculos útiles a estas pautas y al sitio web MiPlato, que proporciona información, sugerencias prácticas y herramientas para comer de forma saludable.
gracias a este tratamiento con Acomplia logre bajar mi peso con 21 kilos durante tres meses, y ahora me siento mucho mejor, no tengo las problemas de antes. Mi vida ha sido cambiada! Jamas creía que algún día sera posible tener el peso deseado. Pero las pastillas acomplia me dieron los resultados esperados. Y ahora me gustaría compartir con vosotros mi cuenta para poder ayudarlas. espero que sea útil mi consejo y que todo le va bien. besos a todos!