This particular process of dieting comes from a long lineage of tobacco healing traditions throughout the Amazon that has spanned perhaps thousands of years. This way of dieting plants is a relatively short but powerful process, with each dieta lasting for only 10 days. Many of our western staff are actively engaged in carrying out a course of these dietas, and it is with great pleasure that we now are able to hold a space on our grounds and share these gifts with guests of the Temple. Dieteros (people on dieta) will receive all of the care, structure, support, and experience that the Temple has offered to guests for the last ten years.
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The dietas will be held by Jason Grechanik and Valko Kostov, tabaqueros who have studied under the tutelage of Maestro Ernesto Garcia Torres, the most well-respected tabaquero in the Iquitos region. Jason and Valko have been trained in a long process by Maestro Ernesto, and now responsibly and respectfully carry the powerful traditions of Amazonian tabaquerismo.
Muchas personas tienen la firme creencia de que las dietas para adelgazar rápido son contraproducentes. En  tenemos la firme creencia de que dos semanas es tiempo suficiente para que puedas empezar a ver resultados si sigues nuestro plan de alimentación y de ejercicio personalizado. Vamos a enfocarnos en nuestros objetivos, que serán los tuyos propios: perder peso y reducir medidas mientras comienzas a vivir saludable.
Hola, Julia; ting 52 anys peso 71 k medeixo 1,66, fa 5 anys pesaba 87 k. Pel meu comte faig comencar a fer dieta i caminar molt vaig a conseguir em 7 mesos 21k. Pero desde l, 11 – 12-15 fins 11 – 4-18 m, han operat 3 vegades, dues d, hernias umbilicals he tingut D fer molt D repos i e recuperat entre 5 i 6 k. Els vull perdre pero no trobo el moment q faig? Em pots ajudar?
When a dietero arrives at the Temple, they are given a diagnosis to see what plant would be best for them to diet at that time. Some plants are good for healing, some are good for strengthening, others for cleaning, and all teach their wisdom. Tobacco is often the first plant that is dieted as it is very good plant teacher and cleanser, and after that, specific plants are often dieted to learn from them. Not all dieteros will be given tobacco, but it is best to come with a desire to work with tobacco as it is often the first plant dieted in this course of treatment. In subsequent dietas in this tradition, other plants or trees are usually combined with tobacco as well. These dietas are focused on the plant being dieted and no ayahuasca ceremonies will take place.

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