During waking hours, time is often spent in contemplation of the plant spirit, learning and singing icaros for the plant spirit, spending time with the actual plant, and communicating with the plant through the use of mapacho.  By smoking mapacho with the intention of connecting with the plant spirit, dieters further their connection and enhance their communication.  Dialogues can be formed, and interactions can take place in trance like states produced by smoking or in dreams.  The spirit of the plant can be felt on subtle levels and dieters can become more aware of those sensations by directing their attention to them.  The purpose of the dieta is to build a relationship with the plant spirit, and just like with building relationships with other people, the more sincere, honest, and well-intentioned attention a dieter gives to the plant spirit, the better the relationship will be.  More energy given results in more energy received.
I enjoyed reading your article Morgan! You are quite articulate and I really appreciated sharing your work. We as a collective society need to resonate with the frequency of the earth. It’s like the natives and hopis have said, “if we are not spiritually connected to the earth, than chances are we probably won’t survive.” This being of course if a major disaster, weather, meteor were to collide with the earth, nuclear warfare, or any major disaster were to occur. This truly was a brilliant article.

Bloqueadores de Absorción – Cuando usted puede prevenir que el cuerpo absorba ciertos elementos nutricionales de los alimentos que usted come, estos elementos pasan a través y no afectan su peso. Uno de los medicamentos más populares para perder peso es Alli (también conocido como Xenical u Orlistat), que evita que las grasas ingeridas se descompongan en el cuerpo. Si la grasa no puede descomponerse, no puede ser absorbida por el cuerpo.

No debemos tener miedo de los edulcorantes. A pesar de ser sustancias seguras para el consumo tienen efectos negativos. Por un lado sobre nuestra educación del paladar y de los sabores. Si nos acostumbramos a tomar alimentos dulces después no nos gustaran los alimentos naturales y buscaremos siempre el punto de dulce. Por otro lado, se está investigando sobre los efectos que tienen los edulcorantes sobre nuestra microbiota intestinal y se está viendo que pueden afectar negativamente aumentando la tendencia a sufrir sobrepeso.

Incorporar vegetales y frutas a tu dieta puede ser fácil. Mantén los vegetales lavados y cortados en el refrigerador para comerlos como tentempiés rápidos. Coloca las frutas en un recipiente en la cocina para que recuerdes comerlas. Elige recetas que tengan vegetales o frutas como ingredientes principales, por ejemplo, los vegetales salteados o las frutas frescas mezcladas en ensaladas.
With all this said, it should be obvious that individual healing is ultimately inseparable from planetary healing. The plants teach awareness, and one is commonly faced with heightened realizations of the enormity of the planetary crisis, along with the obviousness and urgency of the solutions. These understandings demand action. Mucho trabajo! How one accommodates these revelations and integrates them into one’s life is never easy. However, it is integral to healing, to growth into a life of authenticity, of truthfulness.
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