Jason came to the Temple in 2012. After having worked with ayahuasca quite extensively, he began the process of dieting plants. He has dieted in the Shipibo tradition and began working with Maestro Ernesto in 2013, delving deep into the world of dieting. Through a prolonged apprenticeship and training, he was eventually given authorization to begin working with plants. After working as a tabaquero, he was also given the blessing to administer diets, and to share in the tradition from which he has learned and which has taught him so much. He has been living, learning, and working in the jungle for the last six years.
El objetivo de la dieta de Mayo Clinic es ayudarte a bajar el exceso de peso y a encontrar una manera de comer que puedas mantener de por vida. Se centra en cambiar tu rutina diaria al agregar o romper hábitos que puedan marcar una diferencia en tu peso, como comer más frutas y vegetales, no comer mientras miras la televisión y hacer ejercicio durante 30 minutos al día.

Identifica los desencadenantes de hambre y planifícate según ellos. Los desencadenantes de hambre son las actividades que hacemos que nos hacen querer comer bocadillos. Para algunas personas, el desencadenante es sentarse a ver una película por la noche; para otras, es estudiar hasta muy tarde. Si conoces tus desencadenantes de hambre, puedes planificarte según ellos. Llena tu casa con bocadillos saludables o tenlos a la mano.
When one undergoes a dieta the focus is often on a particular plant best suited to the needs of the individual. “The chosen plant depends upon the personality structure of the patient and the goals of the therapists: some plants are indicated for connecting with emotions and childhood memories, others to strengthen a proper attitude, still others to break some resistances” (Mabit et al 1996). Such plants can include bobinsana/Calliandra angustifolia; toe/Brugmansia sp.; chiric sanango/Brunsfelsia sp.; oje/Ficus anthelmintica; tangarana/Triplaris sp., and the “king of brews,” aya-huasca/Banisteriopsis Caapi, along with its usual admixture chacruna/Psychotria viridis.
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