The apprentice becomes a curandero after completing an intensive and often arduous process of healing and learning from the plants through dieting them. The process of carrying out plant dietas usually involves prolonged periods of isolation working with a variety of different plants. The apprentice works closely with a curandero who becomes his maestro, or teacher. The curandero helps to guide the apprentice in their process of learning. The act of being in isolation for such prolonged periods of time can be very challenging for the mind. It forces the apprentice to inquire deeply into their mind and to immerse themselves into the nature of being. Through the process of constantly dieting plants in this way, the apprentice learns about how plants can cleanse and clear our past issues and traumas, realign us to our natural state, and open up our pathway forwards.
That said, by doing better homework to prepare our minds and bodies before the Ayahuasca experience, we leave a more direct, less obstructed path for the Ayahuasca medicine to connect with us and do its work. Not everyone can do it perfectly, but you should make the best effort within your capacity to prepare. For the week before the ceremony, you should also refrain from sexual activity. Each of us has a reservoir of energy within ourselves, and it is this energy that protects, nurtures, and guides the plant medicines as they work. Sex, including any exchange of bodily fluids, is a powerful exchange that can deplete your reservoir of energy and thereby inhibit the effectiveness of the plant medicines in teaching you.
According to Schultes and Winkelman (1996), “Diet is viewed as a tool helping to maintain the altered state of consciousness (ASC) which permits the plant teacher to instruct, provide knowledge, and enable the initiate to acquire power. The diet is viewed as a means of making the mind operate differently, providing access to wisdom and lucid dreams. These regimens provide strength . . . .” In Luna’s studies of aya-huasca shamanism in Peru, he likewise says that the “necessity of diet — which includes sexual segregation — to learn from the plants was stressed by every vegetalista I met” (1991).
Cuando se está durante un proceso de pérdida de peso es posible que el médico o el nutricionista indique, además de la alimentación saludable y de la practica de actividad física, la ingesta de algún medicamento o remedio natural que ayude a acelerar el metabolismo, quemar la grasa acumulada, inhibir la absorción de grasa en el intestino, disminuir el apetito, controlar la ansiedad o para combatir la retención de líquidos en el organismo.